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Баннерная кампания про Российскую Викимедиа конференцию 2017[Kohendele tekstua]

Уважаемые коллеги, пожалуйста выскажите своё мнение по поводу баннерной кампании CentralNotice для объявления о Российской Викимедиа конференции 2017 (для читателей разных вики из России + русская вики глобально). Спасибо.--Frhdkazan (pagize) 27. syvyskuuta 2017 kello 19.00 (MSK)

Processing Livvi-Karelian as Finnish[Kohendele tekstua]

Apologies for posting in English. Please help translate to your language

There is an error in the configuration of Livvi-Karelian-language wiki projects. Text on this wiki is treated as if it is in Finnish. In general, treating one language as another gives poor results. Sometimes it does nothing, and often it does the wrong thing. However, Livvi-Karelian and Finnish may be similar enough that doing so provides a significant benefit. It is difficult to know without being familiar with both languages. I'm hoping you can give us your opinion. Unless there is a good reason to keep treating Livvi-Karelian as Finnish, the change will begin the week of October 9th. Please let me know of any concerns. You can read more about the overall project (in English) on [1].

Kiitos! TJones (WMF) (pagize) 4. ligakuuta 2017 kello 17.51 (MSK)

Баннерная кампания про Приволжский вики-семинар 2017[Kohendele tekstua]